Every revolutions start from the will of enhancement and innovation to surpass actual concepts. Liduino project was created from a dream made by a bunch of young professionals passionates with alternative energies, a workshop of creations, which decided to use individual’s experiences in differents categories. The project’s end was to research and to develop ex novo products to anticipate the future.

“LIDUINO” represents the developpement of a valued idea, patented, prototyped and industrialized merged in a business organization that produce a new warming concept through an element of design electronically fueled¬† that allows to live saving up in a comfortable and clean ambient. The making of the element has been made with exclusives materials and technologies and totally innovative made in italy.


With Liduino system everything is under control and the owners can check the heating status of the apartment and of every single room, modifying it however they like it. Some researches demonstrate that the air inside our apartments is about five times more polluted than the air outside. Paradoxally, it is just like where we would expect to be safer that our health is more threatened. Many are the causes of these risks: chimical ones, like the exceeding presence of carbon dioxide or the more dangerous carbon monoxide; physical ones, like particulate matter; even radioactive elements, like Radon gas produced from the terrain and from few materials used in buildings.
There are also few elemenets that may become noxious in a matter of time, like formaldehyde presence in the air, much more frequent than we think it is. In some cases, knowing the issue may lead us in preventive operations, for example substituing the type of heating. On your smartphone or tablet you can visualize in any moment the ongoing values during the day or the entire week of your Liduino heating system. It is conforting knowing that wherever I am, Liduino system advises me in time whenever there is any malfunction. Knowing to receive an immediate report of any issue makes me sleep well at night.

I believe that our real challenge for the future will be the struggle we find ourselves in against our health’s pollution. At least until we will have converted our economy and technology towards an eco friendly model. Liduino system doesn’t generate any pollutive particles and leave the air free of any dust and bacteria. There aren’t any sensation of dry air and the internal walls results free of mold. Liduino system works completely silent. Temperature is diffused uniformally in every room. No more cold feet and hot head. 100% of consumed energy is converted in pleasent heat. Liduino system change the concept of traditional heating with a revolution avoiding masonry and checkings without physical presence of the technician. The LIDUINO system can be well seen also in combination with photovoltaic systems (Renewable energies) and an ideal contribution to protect resources and the environment.


The electronic side of heating control inside LIDUINO system will automatically calculate the difference in default comfort and exterior temperature, changing autonomatically the absorption until reaching the level of heat desired. This will grant welfare and comfort always in saving up energy, in total advantage of relative user’s costs.
Heat is spread through Liduino system in a homogeneous way that will endure in time, always controlled by the electronic components.